For The Family

Family, Looking for details on how to update pages? You will need to get hold of the Simon Key first. It really is simple to contribute to the site but before you can do anything you will need a log-in. In order to keep our data safe, the only way to get one is to contact Simon.

We would love you to be able to contribute to the site yourselves and we have made the process as easy as we can. once you have a log-in you will be able to put information on to the site yourself in just a few easy steps. You can add whatever you would like to the site and there is no need for any understanding of the coding behind it. a perfect way to share family information but also a way to advertise other things that you may want.

The site is set up to allow traffic from the web to see those bits of information that we might feel is important and allows us to redirect you through KEYfamily to your own sites if you want it too. We can even set up domains for you for your own little piece of the web. and its FREE. So please feel free to get involved however little of much you would like.

Once you have your log-in, you will be able to use the links below to get to the various sections of the site which allow you to edit the content.

Helpful Guide To editing

Here we have started to put together some information for those of you that would like to edit content on the site. There is information on what to and what not to do. Along with some ideas for things that you might like to add. This section of the site is password protected and you will be given the password along with your log-in.

WP Log-in

For the family to edit the web pages on the site.