Back to the gym again

I missed the gym last week. Well when I say missed, I don’t mean it was a great loss to me because it wasn’t. No it was more that I didn’t actually go. Mark convinced me that we needed to keep going or we would never make it round London.

WhenI got round there today though Mark did not look the most enthusiastic of Gym Partners. I was ready to make a quick dash for the door but a smidgen of bravery caught hold and we went off to the gym.

Not too bad in the end, we managed a good 12.5 minutes on both the treadmill AND the crosstrainer. You may laugh but this is a 25% increase on what we have done in the past. It helped having QVC on the tellyt in the gym as the DIY programmes was on!! We followed this up with our ususal seven exercises on the multi-gym. I must say we did very well in the end and I actually felt a bit better.

So, with a bit more working out with Mark and after half term, I think I’ll have to break out my steed, dust it off and face the open road. Just a few miles to begin with – don’t want to appear enthusiastic – but then I’ll have to rack it up a bit

If you fancy joining me, there’s plenty of room on the road in front of me.

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