Three Men Ride Again.

On friday night, three of those that will be riding through London were together to have a training ride on some hills. to make sure that we were fit enough as there is very little time left to train.

Although quite a short ride at just 8.54 miles, it was quite hilly which is good as this helps to test recovery times from hills that we may find on the route. all those on tonights bike ride did well. Simon particularly because he has been recovering from surgery to remove his appendix!!! Now if thats not dedication then we don’t know what is.

So with any luck it looks like we are starting to get to a point where we feel ready to take on our challenge. Over the weekend the bikes are going to be serviced and made ready by a good friend. And then here will be time for one more ride before the big event.

If you haven’t done it yet then please show us your support and sponsor us. It means a lot to us all.