The training begins

Well it had to happen. Today I started training for the long night ride in June. Went round to Mark’s gym and looked scarily at the eqipment. Started with 10 minutes on the treadmill, then another 10 minutes on the cross-trainer. I hate the cross trainer; its too much like hard work. Nevertheless I managed to cover 4.6Km!!

Mark and I then did the weights. Surprisingly we were able to up the lifting limit by another weight on some activities. Don’t ask me how much the are – Mark has rubbed off the markings!

Anyway, the plan is 10 minutes each one this week, 12 mins next week and then each week after that at 15 minutes. Its hard work in the gym and I’d rather be out on my bike, but its quite cold at the moment and its very wet. From next week, I’ll have to take each week as it comes and go on the bike when I can, even if its just for a few miles.

Don’t forget, I shall be looking for sponsors soon so there’s no hiding from me


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