Off to swimming again

Ok, so it’s Sunday morning again, and it the crack of dawn I was out to get some training in at the pool before everyone got up. It was a little disappointing not to be able to achieve the same number of laps as last week. However, this may be to do with the fact that Simon pushed himself harder than he did last week. Simon also had less time on the ball this week. The good news though, is that Simon managed a faster lap. This week the lap of 50 m for breaststroke, was down to 45 seconds.


As an added extra today, Simon took the kids out for a walk around Queen Victoria country Park. Not only was this good exercise for the children who both took their bikes, but it was also an added extra for Simon. Although only 2 miles, it was still an extra bit of exercise. Particularly when he spent the time pushing Phoebe Round the park on her bike!

With any luck, Simon will be back to full strength next week and will be putting in extra laps.