A bit of a shock to the system!!!!!

Check In From – Roger Key

This week, because Brother Mary has set the pace, I have taken my training seriously!! I have been on the bike twice – yes twice – and to Marks Gym!!

I have just come back from the second bike ride, one which I was wavering about until I saw Brother Mary’s post yesterday. It was windy – I hate wind – and a tad over 4 degrees Centigrade but being the brave Brotherhood member |I am I persevered.

The route was my initial training route, which starts with trek along a country track followed by a long slow climb of about 150 feet. Then more country lanes before returning along the coast to home. A very nice ride on a warm sunny day. Not quite the same on a freezing March Sunday.

Anyway, the stats for those of you who might be interested:

Total Distance – 9.5 miles (15Km sounds further though)

Total time 1:14 hrs,

Total time Moving 1:04 ( Yes I had a lot of rests)

Average speed 9.4 mph (pathetic)

Maximum speed 19.7 mph (downhill)

Total height climbed 206 ft

Average Heart Rate 137

Maximum Heart Rate 187 (yes 187! That’s why I stopped for a rest, the max for my age is 160!)

Hips – OK

Knees – surprisingly OK

Toes – frozen, might have frost bite!

So, there you are. I’m really looking forward to my next ride!!!!!

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