An interesting training tool.

Ok so this week has been interesting and difficult all in one. Over the weekend I was ill so I was not able to go swimming on Sunday morning. To be honest I was not able to move out of my bed for the whole day. I was disappointed to say the least because to be honest, I have actually really started to enjoy getting out and being able to focus on some goals.

So, with that in mind, as you will know if you have been following me I have been looking for a way to train and keep track of my progress while swimming. I found this great site which allows me to keep track and set targets for my swims and it also gives me some fitness routines to follow. It’s from Zoggs. The people who make the swimming equipment and bits like that. You can find the site to try for yourself at;


It really works for me because you can quite quickly find the level at which you want to swim. You could be swimming to tone, for fitness, for performance they even have ones for pregnant women and those training for triathlons!!!

It also helps because you can set achievable goals based on your swim sessions which means that you can clearly see how much you have achieved.

So I have started to use that this week and will be able to update you with progress as we go.

So now for this weeks stats;

Lengths – 46

Time – 45 min

Total distance to date – 5000 meters or 3.1 miles

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