Off we go again

It was very cold in Mark’s gym tonight – he has no heating. I tried to persuade him to obtain a jet space heater, but he was too mean and said we needed to exercise to keep warm.

Well with four layers of clothing Istarted my workout. 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross-trainer – I hate the cross-trainer – is our warm up routine. Thank God Mark was feeling unwell – it made me look quite healthy!!! I managed a full 3.3 Km on the cross trainer and1 Km on the treadmill. Couldn’t measure my heart rate as my phone had refused to move out of the kitchen!!!

Then on to the weights. We have moved the weights up a notch – don’t know what that means but its flipping hard!! Why does it have to be painfuil to be good for you?!!! Anyway an hour and a half later we emerged from the gym, Mark looking muc h as he did when he went in and me crawling to the door, I hate being old!!!

Next week we have promised that we will up our game a bit – lets hope Mark forgets this and that the temperature increases so that I can get on with some REAL training on the bike!!!!!

Published by Roger

Brother no. 2, I live in Warsash near to my two children and four Grandchildren. Its 10 minutes walk to the beach, who could ask for more!