Training Hots Up In The Pool.

OK so I might not be very good at this blog writing thing but I will be doing my best to try and let you know how the training is going and give you a little bit of an insight in to how I am going about it. To read the full post. See it on our website.

Anyway on to today. I went swimming this morning as planned. The pool was actually really empty which is good because it means that there is more opportunity for me to try out things. As I already said in the previous post this was going to be my last day to just swim before I put together a program that would help me to get much fitter.

Thanks to Tee, who comes and swims at the pool with me. We discovered that on the side of the pool they had some cards which have workouts for in the pool on them. Because at this point we had both already started our workouts we were not sure if it would be right to try them out. However, neither of us could resist having a look. They were really helpful and actually looked like quite good workouts. Both Tee and I tried a card out each as there were different cards for different fitness levels it meant that as your fitness level improves you can work up the fitness cards.


So I finished off my session by doing the workout card for fitness. It was a proper workout. So when I go next week, I will be using the fitness cards again. At least this way, I will be able to tell you to what level of fitness i am working to each week.

The one thing that I did notice was that although the fitness cards didn’t give me as high a length count, it did make me ache!!!

Let’s hope my fitness starts to improve soon or Sundays are going to be painful.

In the meantime, I am going to see if I can find a way to record my lengths and training in the pool. If I find something then I will update you.

Today’s Stats –

Lengths: 42

Distance: 1050 Metres
Time: 1:15:0
Average Speed: 0.84 km/h