Sandwich bags are brilliant!!!

Check In From – Simon Key

Well getting up this morning was hard work but at the same time well worth it managed 44 lengths again today.

But I bet that your wondering what I’m talking about when I say sandwich bags are brilliant? It a bit of a long story but basically I wanted to take my training plan with me to the pool, but last time I tried that, the ink on the paper ran in the first five mins. So my theory was to laminate the sheets that I wanted to take with me. I didn’t have time to do that this week with everything else that I had to do so I put the training plan into a sandwich bag. I didn’t think it would work to well but you know what? It was perfect!! I even put the training plan totally in the water and it was just fine.

So my tip for this week is that if you want to take a training plan in to the pool with you don’t bother with laminating. Just pop in in a sandwich bag.

Anyway, for the training this week I managed another 44 laps In 45 mins and stuck with the plan that I used last time round. Did really well although I have to say I was finding it a little harder in the middle of the swim maybe I was pushing a bit too hard but non the less, looking forward to next time out. Maybe after a few weeks might be able to look at upping my game.

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