Its been a bad week!

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The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that all the blogging about getting fit has been done by Simon recently. There is a good reason for that – ‘fit’ is the last word one could use to descrbe me over the last week!!!

It started with a bit of a sniffle and then went into full blown man-flu with complications. Helena says that its only a cold with a cough but she’s a woman and doesn’t understand how man flu (or the M4N1 virus as I like to call it) can affect a gent like me! I have been coughing, sneezing, using vast quantities of Blackcurrant Lemsip (the lemon flavour is foul!) and coughing for England; Victoria Pendleton could not have done better. I did brave the freezing weather on Friday to fulfill my commitments at the Watercress Line – well a man can’t let an engine down can he? – but I got into serious grief afterwards because I felt rotten again on Saturday. “serves you right” and “I told you so” were regularly used comments; I retired to the lower side of the duvet and waited until things cooled off.

What has all this to do with my training you may well ask? Well its one thing to stand on a cold platform smiling, warming your hands on a hot steam engine and generally being nice to the public – its quite another standing in the freezing cold garage that Mark calls his gym, coughing and wheezing and pretending to enjoy myself! The down side, or the even downer side, though is that I appear to have increased my target considerably and the consequence appears to be that I have put on an additional five pounds feeding my cold. Well, that is unless the scales are not working and that, according to Helena, is about as likely as the temperature reaching 20 degrees tomorrow!

So what that means is that from next week I have to redouble my efforts. The bike will have to come out of storage, I’ll have to force myself over to Mark’s gym so that he can’t call me a chicken – even though that’s his favourite word at the moment – and I’ll have to say no to that extra donut every day. I may starve, I may look like a twig with muscles, but I will finish the Night Rider in front of Mark and Simon (but maybe not Mary!)

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