Training too hard?

Check In From – Simon Key

Well I have to say that today’s training was very interesting I managed my normal training session but somehow completed it in just over 30 shaving nearly 15 mins off the time. This begs a question. Am I going to fast or is the training routine that I am following not difficult enough? Someone needs to tell me because I really am not sure if I should step up to the next one.

Anyway, I should say that the one thing that was bothering me was my knee I though this was supposed to be a low impact alternative to getting out on the bike to help to ease me in. As I have already had problems with my knee in the past. I don’t want that to blight this ride too.

So going to see how it feels in the morning and try to decide if I want to step up to the next level next week.

It should also be pointed out that Tee (the person I train with) really stepped up her game this week and made some major improvements to her swimming technique. So well done Tee. Keep it up 🙂

I will put the swim session that I used today up on the blog later today, or tomorrow.

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