Back On The Bikes Again.

Check In From – Simon Key and Roger Key.

Finally, some good weather. No swimming this morning because Kim was at work so though that we would make the best of the good weather. Went out for a bike ride that would test us out as the weather was still only 8 Degrees. Roger decided that it would be good idea for us to dress up warm on the bike ride today! Felt it was important to include a picture.

Roger Key Dressed in blue with a wolly hat and a bike helmet ready to go on a bike ride.
Dressed up warm ready for a training bike ride.

Aside from the cold the only thing that was slowing us down was the amount of wind. I am not entirely sure how windy it was but I have to say I could definitely feel that it was holding us back a little bit. Some quite good hills on the route that we took. so that will also have helped. The route we took is also listed below for you to look through. If it works, With any luck, there should be lots of information for you to look through.

Satelite Map of the training bike ride. 7th April 2013
Satelite Map of the training bike ride. 7th April 2013

Click on the pictures to enlarge them or click on the link above for more information on the ride itself including split times, average speeds. and rest stops.

Finally, thought that it might be wise to include a picture of one of the reasons I like riding on the South coast as much as I do so below is a picture of the view that we had for some of the ride today.

A View From On Our Ride

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