One Third Distance

Check in Simon Key – OK so this particular post is a little bit late. I went out on the bike on Sunday morning thinking that I really need to make sure that I had put some miles under my belt. The issue was trying to motivate myself after being ill for a few weeks. I had to make sure that I was careful not to make the situation worse but needed to make sure that I was getting the fitness level right for the ride.

I decided that I would go all out and try to go for one third of the distance of the bike ride to see how it went. I managed the distance quite well with only a few stops along the way. I had tried to reduce the number of stops that I needed to take so that I still pushed hard but stopped when my body was telling me that I needed to.

As you will see from the map track below, the ride is quite intensive and takes in some small but steep hills which can really take the energy out of your legs. I had the wind in my face all the way back and as you can see from the split times that can really ruin your day. in all I think that I did pretty well considering not feeling very well too. but still feel like I would like to improve a fair amount before the ride. After all its not just about finishing the ride it’s about doing it and being able to enjoy it too.


Bike Ride 2013-4-21

You can also see further information about the ride including spit times and speed by clicking on the following link.

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