A Ride To Swimming and Back.

Simon Key check in – So the idea today was to combine both swimming and riding the bike to give me a double work out. You will see from the MAP TRACK that I left the timer on while in the pool so that I could keep both parts of the ride on the same route.

Combining the two seemed like a good idea because its the ultimate cross training to get the leg work out on the bike and the cardio in the pool it also increases my work out.

Because of family commitments I could not be out all day. So had to make sure I made the best of the time I had available to train. And it’s better for the environment too 🙂

The bike training is best viewed on the MAP TRACK where you can see the route and the hills along it.

For the swimming I managed;

49 lengths on swim level 2 session 85 same as previous weeks but adding 4 lengths of leg kicks for extra pain.