What Goes Down, Must Go Up!

Simon Key Check In – Today’s ride was not about distance but more to do with performance. To test to see what my fitness level was like. With training for events in the past we have built up a memory for curtain routes and this is a good way guage your current fitness level.

This time I chose Burseldon hills while they might not be intimidating to some, these hills are a good indication to me of my own fitnessi do seem to quite like a hill challenge I don’t like to be beaten by one. As such, doing this route would tells where I was in comparison to other years. Normally we only do part of the route that I did today but I really wanted to push to see what I could do and to be honest, I’m quite please with the result.


This picture doesn’t really do the hill credit. But this is the first big hill I climbed in Burseldon today. It might not look like much but if you look at the map track you can see its not small climbing about 140 feet.


This second hill is much longer and in places steeper than the first and is a killer at mile 6 !! But yet this was not enough punishment I then took a longer route home to take in a smaller but still significant hill around mile 12 which after completing the feast of the circuit, still felt a lot longer.

The one thing that I have learnt today. If you go down a hill, there will only be another one round the corner!!!!

Please take a look at the MAP TRACK to see details of the full ride.