New Photo Gallery Styles

In order for us to make the site look more slick, we are in the process of updating the photo gallery plug-in on the site. this will allow us to show more images in a more efficient way. Please bear with us while we do this as it is quite time consuming but i am sure you will agree that the results are worth it.

You can see a sample of what the new galleries will look like by going to Roger and Helena’s Gallery. This one has already been started with the latest images being from their 60th Birthday party which was held recently in Hampshire.

You can find the link to the gallery below.



Speaking Of Beds

Speaking of beds, the bed that Phoebe is now sleeping in was Joshua’s so poor Joshua has been sleeping on an air bed for the past few nights but that is all bout to change.

Joshua’s NEW bed has turned up today which means i am going to be spending my evening putting it all together for bedtime (no pressure then)

Joshua is having a bunk bed because it his birthday soon and he wanted to have a space room. so lets see how good I am at putting beds together. Could be interesting.

Phoebe on the other hand is still not settling down in the evenings if anyone has any idea how to help her in her new bed, I am open to suggestions.

Phoebe’s First Night In A Big Bed

Phoebe Key is just 22 months old… tonight is her first night in “Big Girl Bed” it started off quite well she seemed quite happy about the idea of not being in her cot.

I should point out that the very reason that she is going in to a “Big Girl Bed” was because Phoebe has become an escape artist. she is able to get herself on to the top of her cot but is too small to make it safely down the other side. To avoid an embarrassing trip to the hospital thought it might be better to mover her in to bed.

of course the problem now is that this is all become somewhat of a game. now a 20:15 she is busy downstairs putting her shoes on ready to go out for a walk!!! Please Phoebe time for bed!!!

New Site Is Open

So now our new site is up an running. we hope you enjoy it. there will be regular updates to our site keeping everyone up to date with the all the latest.With better galleries and updates on charity events and gatherings this will be the place to find out what is going on.

Pop back soon and find out what things have changed or updated and find out more about the history of the family.

New Year Get Together

This year the Family Gathering is going to be at Gemma an Marks house in Locks Heath on 30th December 2011 starting at around 12.00 if you would like details of how to get there please contact Gemma or Mark and they will give you details of the address.



This year they are asking you to bring a bottle and a pudding to help out. looking forward to seeing you all there and getting some pictures of all the kids 🙂

Keep your eyes open here for the photos which we will be putting on here soon after the gathering.