Brother Mark Joins Brother Roger.

Roger Key check in – Went for a mid-week ride tonight with Mark. It was Mark’s “virgin”ride ride this year so we went for a short one. We did the Titchfield circular which involves Warsash, Hook village, Browndown lake, Titchfield village and back to Warsash. Total of 11 miles with 1:12 hrs in the saddle and average speed of 10.1 mph. Next ride scheduled for Monday with a ride to Stokes Bay.

A Grand Day Out!!

Roger Key check in – Today was the second of my semi-major marathons!! Well it seemed like it to me anyway – 21 miles along the coast to Lee on Solent. It was a fairly nice day for cycling although a bit of a strong south-easterly. I cycled down through Hook village and Browndown Lake to Meon Shore. Then past Meon nature reserve and round the back of Hill Head to Stubbington Village. From here I cycled past Daedalus airfield and into Lee. The return journey, after a buger at the Shack, was back through Hill Head and Meon Shore and up the long lane to Tichfield. Then from there into Titchfield Common and Park Gate and down the hill (thankfully) into Warsash.

The statistics:-

Miles – 21

Time – 1:50

Average Speed – 11.3

Max Speed – 27 (downhill with the wind behind me!)

Knees – intact

Muscles – aching

Bottom – No Comment!

Next week its Stokes Bay – weather permitting

Back On The Bikes Again.

Check In From – Simon Key and Roger Key.

Finally, some good weather. No swimming this morning because Kim was at work so though that we would make the best of the good weather. Went out for a bike ride that would test us out as the weather was still only 8 Degrees. Roger decided that it would be good idea for us to dress up warm on the bike ride today! Felt it was important to include a picture.

Roger Key Dressed in blue with a wolly hat and a bike helmet ready to go on a bike ride.
Dressed up warm ready for a training bike ride.

Aside from the cold the only thing that was slowing us down was the amount of wind. I am not entirely sure how windy it was but I have to say I could definitely feel that it was holding us back a little bit. Some quite good hills on the route that we took. so that will also have helped. The route we took is also listed below for you to look through. If it works, With any luck, there should be lots of information for you to look through.

Satelite Map of the training bike ride. 7th April 2013
Satelite Map of the training bike ride. 7th April 2013

Click on the pictures to enlarge them or click on the link above for more information on the ride itself including split times, average speeds. and rest stops.

Finally, thought that it might be wise to include a picture of one of the reasons I like riding on the South coast as much as I do so below is a picture of the view that we had for some of the ride today.

A View From On Our Ride

One Length For Each Week Of The Year.

Check In From – Simon Key

Sounds odd but the normal session that I have been following for the past few weeks has been good but I was feeling particularly energetic on Tuesday so decided to add just a couple of extra fast paced laps to the main swim. Doing this pushed me back out of the comfort zone but also mean that instead of the normal 44 lengths, I ended up doing 52 and managed that in exactly 45 mins. This I think is a pretty respectable time! And I am happy that I have been able to up the game a bit.

Next week I will be upping to the swim for fitness session more closely match to what I managed on Tuesday night. I will add the session on to our blog as soon as I have been able to get it off the Zoggs site.

Today’s Swimming Session.

Check In From – Simon Key

Today. Early. Was another swim session. About 46 lengths today more than I needed to do but my strength is clearly coming back to me I managed the 44 lengths that I should have done in 30 mins!!!! So I think that it is now time to step up the game and move up a session.

The session this week was the same as I have been doing for two months so will let you all know what the level is I will be using next week.

Please support all the hard work that the brotherhood have been putting in to training by sponsoring us when the time is right. Thank you for your support.

Going out on a recce.

Check In From – Simon Key, Roger Key and Joshua Key

Today me (Simon), Joshua and Roger went to London on an unrelated matter to our bike ride. However, as we were there took the opportunity to have a look at part of the route for the bike ride. The section we were interested in was the section that took us up the hill to Alexander Palace. As this a monster of a hill!!! And after looking at it, it has posed a few questions over fitness!!!

We did try to take a few pictures in an attempt to give people an idea of the scale of this hill. Unfortunately, we came across another problem which had better not happen when we are on our bike ride. Snow!!!


As you can imagine, if its like his then there is no chance that we will even be starting the ride. But all that aside, the climb to the top where Alexander Palace is located is going to be a challenge. For those of you local to the south coast. It is taller than Burseldon hill by a long shot and just as steep.

The only saving grace will be the view from the top and the ride down the other side.

Here’s hoping that when the time comes to climb to the top that the weather will be much, much better and that our fitness is substantially improved.

A picture of the beautiful building that sits on top of the hill to greet us.

Going For A Change Of Pace.

Check In From – Simon Key

Ok well because it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, decided that I would not be popular for going swimming. But with the rest of the family, I did go to the local park. While there I found that they have added some new kit.


It might not be as high tech as the stuff in a gym but I tried it and in actual fact it was quite good did about half an hour on the kit and was very good actually. And had me thinking. It’s free for a start!!!! But could add this to the end of any bike ride I did as its just round the corner, would perhaps help to get me that little bit fitter.

A bit of a shock to the system!!!!!

Check In From – Roger Key

This week, because Brother Mary has set the pace, I have taken my training seriously!! I have been on the bike twice – yes twice – and to Marks Gym!!

I have just come back from the second bike ride, one which I was wavering about until I saw Brother Mary’s post yesterday. It was windy – I hate wind – and a tad over 4 degrees Centigrade but being the brave Brotherhood member |I am I persevered.

The route was my initial training route, which starts with trek along a country track followed by a long slow climb of about 150 feet. Then more country lanes before returning along the coast to home. A very nice ride on a warm sunny day. Not quite the same on a freezing March Sunday.

Anyway, the stats for those of you who might be interested:

Total Distance – 9.5 miles (15Km sounds further though)

Total time 1:14 hrs,

Total time Moving 1:04 ( Yes I had a lot of rests)

Average speed 9.4 mph (pathetic)

Maximum speed 19.7 mph (downhill)

Total height climbed 206 ft

Average Heart Rate 137

Maximum Heart Rate 187 (yes 187! That’s why I stopped for a rest, the max for my age is 160!)

Hips – OK

Knees – surprisingly OK

Toes – frozen, might have frost bite!

So, there you are. I’m really looking forward to my next ride!!!!!

Swimming Session Update.

Check In From – Simon Key

As Promised here is the swimming session that I was using on Sunday this week. Looks like a bit of a jump to the next one. so might have to do one more week of this before moving up to the next level. With any luck, I should then be able to actually get back on to the bike too. Taking in to consideration wind chill 🙂

When I get back on my bike, I will be able to update you with the route that I take too.

Fitness, Stage 2: Session 85

Target Time 40 minutes
Tip Keep your strokes long when you pick up the pace
Warm Up 4 lengths/laps moderate swimming any stroke, 2 lengths/laps pulling 4 lengths/laps moderate swimming any stroke, 2 lengths/laps kicking
Main Set 6 x 2 lengths/laps moderate swimming pace, 15 seconds rest 2 x 4 lengths/laps faster pace, 20 seconds rest 4 lengths/laps fast pace time your swim
Warm Down 4 lengths/laps as 1 length backstroke, 1 length front crawl/freestyle 4 lengths/laps easy swimming any stroke
Total Length 44 Lengths/laps (1100m)